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Malfoy-Weasley Relations: The Exchange Edition
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A Malfoy-Weasley Gift Exchange
The Malfoy-Weasley Fic and Art Exchange
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A fic and art exchange is an event where people sign up to give and receive either a piece of fanfiction or a piece of fanart. Participants sign up at a specific post and request what they would like to receive, what they would not like to receive, and, in turn, describe what they can write/draw or cannot write/draw in return. Community moderators then take each request and assign it to someone best suited to fulfill it, so that, in the end, each person has given one piece of fanart/fanfiction, and each person has received one. However, until the time of the big reveal, authors and artists will remain anonymous.

Basically, it is a swap of fanfiction and fanart – a lot like Secret Santa.

This particular exchange focuses on the Malfoy and Weasley families of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

If you're still a little confused, haven't participated in a fic exchange before, or would just like a refresher on how things are done, please read flyingcarpet's A Guide to Participating in Fic Exchanges, by Someone Who Knows. It describes what is expected of you if you agree to participate in an exchange.


1. Flaming of fics/art is not allowed under any circumstances. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but flaming will get you banned from the community.

2. Fics/art are property of their respective creators, and should not be posted/distributed anywhere except where their creators choose. Additionally, fics and art should not be posted anywhere else but at the community until the time of the big reveal at the end.

3. By signing up for this exchange, you agree to writing or drawing one piece of fanfiction or art, respectively. You cannot receive without giving something in return.

4. This community is for posting stories and artwork for this exchange only.

5. Participants who go MIA and drop out without telling us will end up on the Wall of Shame, and will not be allowed to participate in future rounds.


1. All fics must have a minimum word count of 1,000 and should be completed. They should not be sequels to or continuations of a pre-existing work. There is no maximum word count; however, if you want to write a novel-length fic, make sure you manage your time! Also keep in mind that most exchange fics end up being somewhere between 2,000 and 6,000 words. Artwork should be of a quality somewhat equivalent to this; it should not be a quick doodle on Microsoft Paint, but should be completed and should have taken some effort. No photomanipulations or the like are allowed.

2. All fics must be spell-checked and beta-read. Fics riddled with numerous grammar/spelling mistakes will be sent back with a request for a beta-reader to look them over.

3. All fics and artwork must be newly-created by the author or artist. Old works are not acceptable, and furthermore, plagiarism is not tolerated. Reasonably-sized quotes from books, songs, etc., are allowed with proper credit.

4. All fics and art, upon completion, should be sent to the mods at malfoyweasleyexchange@gmail.com. Fics should be in .txt or Word format, and should contain all proper html tags. Art should be sent as either an attachment in .jpg, .gif, or .png format or uploaded to an image hosting site such as Photobucket (you would email us the link). Proper heading information should be sent along with both fics and art.

5. Since this is an anonymous exchange, all fics and art posted will remain anonymous until the time of the big reveal. That means you may not claim a piece of fic/art as your own, or post it elsewhere, until after the exchange is done and the big reveal is posted.

6. NC-17 - rated fics or art are allowed. To give or receive NC-17 - rated material, you must be eighteen years of age or older and should have an age statement in your profile. Please do not depict characters under the age of sixteen in sexual situations.

7. All submissions, of course, must be centered around at least one Malfoy and one Weasley together. Please see this post for a character list. Gen, het, slash, and femmeslash combinations are all welcome. Unadulterated character bashing is not tolerated.

8. If you need an extension during which to complete your submission, please email the mods.

The Malfoys and the Weasleys belong to JK Rowling; no copyright infringement is intended.

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